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I absolutely enjoy this app, site, and all in all, the fashion!! It has great merchandise and great quality. Given, I have ordered from them about 3x, so I'm still sorta new to them. But I do recommend them for sure!! It's great fashion from all over Asia, and I must say, they are always a little ahead of trend compared to some fashion heads. But here are some of the items I really liked off the site. They even sale Mens, so don't hesitate to check it out Men!! Yes, majority of the items are not real leather, but this is fashion for less. It's not meant to be used every single day. It's like Forever21, but in my eyes better quality!! Check out the link!! Oh and sales go on everyday, so check and see what deals you can get!! Be Happy, Ariel R.
Those purses are reaallly cute. Totally my style.
haha could, but shouldn't. It ships in 24hr and you get it in 3-7 business day. They ship to all around the world. I enjoy shopping and making tons of wishlists haha. I hope this information helps some how. Sorry, I can't help you get it. :(
Can I buy it .send u my address and send u money to send me the bag