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so I went out to my local dunked and this was brand new in the window. I had originally gone in to buy an arbor pintail but they just didn't feel like the carvers I wanted. so I looked at this one. this turns and carves and feels so amazing. it kind of reminds me of a board with Paris trucks but better. anyways, I love it and I was wondering if anyone else knows about these
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Never heard of it before man. The only thing that matters is that you are happy, if you like it then that's all that matters!
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Haven't heard about them but it looks nice:P
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Sell that at my local Walmart
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zflex is a pretty great cruise board company. one of the originals from the 70s
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z-flex is was Jay Adams board company one of the oldest board companies out there...they make all types of boards all sizes but are known for their pool/street boards I want a Street Rocket or the Z Skates Yellow Rose Home « Z-Flex Skateboards Since 1976 Z-Flex Skateboards Since 1976 (Share from CM Browser)
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