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so I went out to my local dunked and this was brand new in the window. I had originally gone in to buy an arbor pintail but they just didn't feel like the carvers I wanted. so I looked at this one. this turns and carves and feels so amazing. it kind of reminds me of a board with Paris trucks but better. anyways, I love it and I was wondering if anyone else knows about these
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Never heard of it before man. The only thing that matters is that you are happy, if you like it then that's all that matters!
Haven't heard about them but it looks nice:P
Sell that at my local Walmart
zflex is a pretty great cruise board company. one of the originals from the 70s
z-flex is was Jay Adams board company one of the oldest board companies out there...they make all types of boards all sizes but are known for their pool/street boards I want a Street Rocket or the Z Skates Yellow Rose Home « Z-Flex Skateboards Since 1976 Z-Flex Skateboards Since 1976 (Share from CM Browser)