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I developed this recipe about three years ago when I suffered (or benefitted, depending on your values) from a strong crumpet addiction. Rather than take time to pour the crumpet batter into individual moulds, I went ahead and dumped everything into a single frying pan. Works like a charm!


460g all-purpose flour
.75 tsp cream of tartar
15g active dry yeast
.5 tsp. sugar
18 ounces of water
3.5 tsp salt
.5 tsp baking soda
5.4 ounces of milk
15 grams olive oil (for the pan)


1. Sift flour and cream of tartar into a mixing bowl
2. Heat water so that it's lukewarm
3. Mix yeast and sugar with half of the lukewarm water
4. Let sit for 10 minutes or so (to proof the yeast- if this does not foam, get new yeast!)
5. Pour water and yeast mixture into mixing bowl and mix with the flour and cream of tartar until a smooth batter results.
6. Cover bowl (with plastic wrap, another plate, a wet towel; you choose)
7. Let sit for one hour (the dough will rise and fall again)
8. Add the salt
9. Beat the dough for a minute
10. Cover the bowl
11. Let sit for 10 minutes
12. Heat milk until it is lukewarm
13. Add the milk and baking soda to the mix
14. Beat ruthlessly er... rigorously
15. Add oil to your frying pan (it will probably help if you have a nonstick pan; I do not)
16. Place the pan over medium low heat
17. Pour 1/3 of an inch of batter into the pan
18. Let sit until bubbles have formed and the surface has set (refer to the photos above to see the progression you should expect to see; this should take 6-8 minutes)
19. Flip the crumpet
20. Cook the other side until golden brown on the second side (this should take about three minutes)
21. Remove from pan and cut into pizza-like slices to serve
These crumpets freeze well and are excellent toasted. I hope you enjoy them!
"Lazy Crumpet" sounds like something my husband calls me when I don't want to go on a bike ride with him! Ha!
Wow, @beywatch! You don't miss a thing! Thanks for the comment.
Hahahah beat ruthlessly. I saw that.