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Makeup pigments are the hardest products to incorporate in your makeup routine. However with a little creativity and patience you can work these loose shadows to achieve any effect! Here are five techniques to make the most of your pixie dust!


This look is perfect for evening dates and parties! Create a metallic finish on the lids by mixing any pigment with a little mixing medium or water. The paste-like consistency brings the pigment to a whole other textural level.

Nail Polish

Mix any pigment with clear polish to create a custom nail lacquer. Control the intensity of the color by playing with the ratio of polish to pigment.


With mixing medium, a detailed liner brush, and a sealer to stop your graphic shape from transferring on your lids, a vibrant cat eye is just a flick away.

Lip Gloss

With the same idea in mind as nail polish, you can pretty much add a hint of loose pigment to your lip color. On a flat surface, mix a bit of pigment into clear gloss, gradually adding more to increase saturation.


Some of the more sun-kissed and flesh-toned pigments are gorgeous to use as highlighters above your cheekbones and dusted on the bridge of your nose. Buff away!
How do you use loose pigments?
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I have a lot of loose pigment that I've only ever really used for Halloween effects. Now I know how to get more use out of them. Thanks!
@beywatch no problem. On the other hand, I'm curious what you do with the loose pigments for Halloween effect! Is it for facial makeup or body makeup?
I'm all about eyeliner and the gold pigment makes a gorgeous cat eye!
I will pass on the pigment lips. On the other hand, I'm in love with the foil eyeshadow.