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I hate it when my honey crystalizes, especially during the colder months of the year.
My favorite method for returning it to its smooth condition is to put the amount I need in a bowl, fill a larger bowl with hot water, and place the smaller bowl within it. As you can see below, with a bit of mixing, it 'fixes' the honey's consistency like a charm!
I know some people take other approaches to returning their honey to an ideal consistency, such as microwaving and putting their honey jars in pans on a stove. What method do you prefer?
I love your approach, personally I hate messing with the microwave (somehow I always manage to over-heat my honey!)
My gem of a little sister loves putting honey in the fridge so I am a whiz at heating honey up haha
I think the first approach is the best too. It doesn't change the consistency so rapidly. You can control it more!
I hear you, @flymetothemoon! Microwaves can be unpredictable. And that must be a real drag, @galinda! I wonder if putting a big "DO NOT REFRIGERATE" note on the bottle might help. I'm glad you like the approach, @beywatch!