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I'm just now learning bout these a lil bit. I think there bad ass personally. Look a lot of fun to ride. But want to hear what your guys thoughts are on them and why. Let the shit talking or good talk begin lol. The owl one has a bad ass graphic. My fav out of the 3
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@theyoungelwoodj there is a video of someone geting towed behind a van on a freebord. go to YouTube and look it up you might be able yo find it
I have the owl one lol they're a pain to learn
I feel like it'd be easier to learn for people who already snowboard well
@10murphyj I have been snowboarding for over 10 years it made learning much easier and me friend has me ever gone snowboarding and had a hard time learning but did figure it out and got good at freebording
I love them !!