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Fine art and commercial photographer Harold de Puymorin took on the challenge of using an extreme cheap point and shoot camera from back in the day. This camera is a Vivitar 3188 and it has about a 1 inch screen, 3 megapixels, and a broken SD slot. Not to worry though, the device has 16mb of internal memory, so Puymorin had about 14 shots to work with.
The images came out fantastically. It was as if Puymorin was shooting with his 18 megapixel Canon 60D. Despite the obvious and extensive limitations of what he was working with Puymorin was still able to take fantastic images.
This goes to show something that I've always been taught.
It's not about what camera you have, it's about the photographer behind the camera.
You can have a $3000 camera and all the nicest lenses, and your images may look super sharp and print nicely, but it does not mean that the images will be any good.
@AnthonyB Absolutely! It really shows that it's all about the photographer and not the camera, although good glass never hurt anyone
I'm really blown away by what he did with that camera!