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Vigilant Eats' Superfood Cereal is probably one of my favorite vegan convenience meals of all time. I've brought this with me to work to eat on my lunch break. I've brought this with me to school. You can fill it with cold water to make it into a delicious cold cereal on hot days, or fill it with hot water to turn it into a satisfying instant oatmeal. Plus, unlike your lunch break cup of soy yogurt, this comes with its own spoon, making it the ultimate convenience for vegans, people with soy or gluten sensitivities, or anyone else just looking for a fast meal that is certified organic and packed with good nutrition.

So What's in It?

All varieties of Vigilant Eats' Superfood Cereal start with gluten-free oats and powdered hemp milk. (Thanks to this product, I've actually become a huge fan of hemp milk in my cereals. It's surprisingly really creamy!) All ingredients are organic and kosher, and each cereal in the line is free of soy, gluten, preservatives, additives, dairy, and refined sugar.
Each cereal is around 300 calories with 11 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, which I love because it really does feel like you've just eaten a quick and satisfying meal, especially compared to eating a meal replacing protein bar or pressed juice.

How to Eat It

Basically, if you know how to make a Cup of Noodles, you know how to make this cereal. There is a fill line inside the cup, and you can fill it with either hot or cold water. The best part of this product is that, because it is made with powdered hemp milk, you don't need to worry about adding your own milk to it. (The cereal will be really milky and not watery at all!) Then you stir the cereal with the included plastic spoon, and you're ready to eat!

The Flavors

Vigilant Eats' Superfood Cereals come in four different flavors. Maca Double Chocolate is made with dates, cacao powder, and maca root. Espresso Maca Mulberry is made with sun-dried mulberries, maca root, espresso, and cinnamon. Goji-Cacao is made with goji berries and cacao nibs. And Coconut Maple Vanilla is made with dates, dried coconut, maple, and vanilla. All four are seriously delicious -- but Coconut Maple Vanilla is probably my favorite.

Where to Buy It

You can find Viligant Eats' Superfood Cereal at most natural food stores. You can also buy them in bulk packages online at the company's official online store.
Sounds perfect for a vegan on to the go (aka ME!)
@asparagus Me too! I'm all about getting my protein in. Especially when I'm dieting.
I'm all about that 11g of protein!
@vegantraveler I always used to eat it in the back room at the cafe when I was at Starbucks. That was certainly healthier than any pastry they sell!