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Regrettable or not, not every wedding can be held at the local 10-pin lanes or at a strip mall banquet hall. If you're stymied for ideas don't freak out like hysterical brides. Pour yourself a two-finger Scotch and book a walk-through at Chicago's posh Waldorf Astoria.
Let lighting be your friend. Instead of laboring over violet decor, keep it neutral hued with a wash of color from your lighting designer. Kesh Events knows all about this. Based in Chicago they're an event planning and design company. You can check out several more pictures on their website, which shows both real weddings and proposed events.
Waldorf Astoria 11 E. Walton, Chicago, Illinois,60611, USA

Tel: +1-312-646-1300

What is your biggest fear or worry about venue space?
@NixonWoman True! For my future wedding, I would want an outdoor venue, preferably in a farm!
This is soooo pretty. Love this look!
Agreed @stargaze. i am all about the farm style theme.
Farm style weddings are always really popular. Would be nice to do it from dusk to twilight. When the sky turns from golden to purple.
I like the chandeliers at the Waldorf in this pic. My fear is power concerns.
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