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We already know that a live action version of Zelda might come to be, and in anticipation of that, this amazing fan made teaser was put together!!! I already LOVE Player Piano's videos and she composed the music for this teaser as well!! I hadn't heard of Zelda Project before, which is the face behind this project, but I'm already a fan.
I can't wait for the full fan short to come out!!! The short, which will be called The Final Battle, whill show a live-action recreation of the epic fight between Link and Ganondorf. And that is something I will not miss!!
That scenery though.
@Timeturnerjones Definitely pretty! :)
it does look pretty good I do have some critiques though aren't links eyes suppose to be blue and navi says too much (and she sounded British). but the scenery was beautiful and the outfits looked great plus epona was the right color 😊 I still don't know how to feel about it though
@TeamWaffles Yeah, I get that. I'm glad it's just a short (if it was going to be a full movie or full series, I'd want....something more sustainable?) It was just really beautiful (and I loved the music!)
I'm not really sure how to feel. I'd love to see a great Zelda movie but this wasn't really enough for me, didn't strike the right chord. Not to say it wasn't well done, it looked great.