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My Texas Rangers!!
So it begins!! YEAH!!!
I was watching the news on My Texas Rangers and turns out Yu is feeling some pain again and had to be pulled after 12 pitches.....(sigh)......But its okay. We just need to hope he's recovering and is ready to go next time. He said during an interview that he was feeling tight in the bullpen, but still did his best he could. GO YU!!!
We went up against the Royals today. We were doing great then we hit a sharp turn, and lost for the 2nd time to them. I know its not that big of a deal this early, but it say something about where we are headed in the long run. Having lost a game by 1 run, when we had the lead in the 9th, isn't a good look.
Be Happy,
Ariel R.
Nice. Baseball's right around the corner. I don't hold much hope this season for the Phillies in all honesty, but baseball season is still so much fun. I really liked the Rangers when they had that manager that took them to the World Series a few years back. Can't remember his name at the moment.
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Yeah it is! Oh his name is Ron Washington. He was a great Manager. I'm looking forward to see what this new Manager can do for the team.
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@BeHappyArielR That's it! Ron Washington. What a guy. I'm ready for Opening Day!
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can't wait for opening day, still like the rangers and wished they would've kept Ron, he was a great manager.
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