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wth... this happened on november 13, when he was a guest at winwin... he cried because he lost his girlfriends..one was when he was in high school and the other was when he was in college.. who wouldn't want a boyfriend like him? he loves them innocently without thinking of being calculating.. who wouldn't want a boyfriend who wakes you up every morning through a phone call and only sleeps when you are already sleeps at night? who wouldn't love such a sweet man? he loves so truly and so expressively that he always tell her that he loves her and the girl actually got fed up with him and broke up with him through text message? what a bitch!! maybe this is a type of a girl who likes bad guys... doesn't know when she encounters a guy who truly loves her even if she is slapped in the face.. i feel bad for my joowon... =( to actually cry just talking about his past gfs... my heart is aching for him.... don't worry joowonssi, somewhere out there will the right gal for you..she will love you like you want to be loved, you just haven't met her yet.. so be patient and keep on loving like the way you do, coz almost every girl want that kind of loving....aja!!=)
poor guy! come to india!! i'm here!
yep, your right about that.. look at how his teas keeps on ever flowing...
bitches.. he's a guy who should be labeled and sold!! lol
well who wouldn't? lol... oh i remember again those bitches.. their stupid not to recognize a love that is so pure, so true...^^
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