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Junsu has done it again!!! I can say with pride that I didn't pause the MV this time! You guys know ima sucker for Junsu's high notes (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS) *cough cough* Back Seat umm yea lol so enjoy my reaction!!
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@MattK95 I have read so many analysis (how do i make that word plural lol) on this vid and each one of them makes me more confused hahahaah I really like how you explained it though!
@MattK95 your post made me think about so many different things! lol nice analysis haha
As far as I can tell (and I could be entirely wrong, the MV is supposed to depict his transition from being a member of DBSK under SM to where he is now, so it begins with him at the palace (DBSK period) which you later see is nothing but a crumbling ruin, all the way to him sitting on a freaky horse in a suit of armour (showing he's now in JYJ and stronger than before maybe???) and then you have the little girl who's quite sinister, (laughing as he is throwing up after consuming poison in the fish) and then the caveman section... Not sure what that or the little girl mean, unless the little girl is supposed to represent SM maybe??? I'm probably way over analysing this but that's the way I see it XD
I've had this song on repeat for the last two days ^^... Well not literally but it's the thought that counts XD loved your reaction to this @KpopJunkiesTV
@honeysoo I'm pretty sure it's analyses XD and wether it's right or wrong, I'm glad you liked my analysis :)
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