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Getting over Tom Cruise wasn't an easy thing for Nicole Kidman. The actress opens up about her relationship with her ex-husband in the new issue of DuJour magazine, remembering their time together and their very public split. "I was totally smitten ... I fell madly, passionately in love," she says of meeting Cruise. "I was reeling with Tom. I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him." Nicole continues, "We were in a bubble, just the two of us. We became very dependent on one another. I was so impulsive and naïve." While Kidman says she though their relationship was "perfect," the two split in 2001, shortly after their 10th wedding anniversary. "It took me a very long time to heal. It was a shock to my system," she says of the divorce ... without getting into any details about what went wrong. These days -- 11 years later -- Kidman has two kids with husband of five years, Keith Urban. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life," she says. credit: Dujuor
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Happy for you Nicooe..:)