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Faith AU: Choi Young is a successful young plastic surgeon leading a solitary life in modern-day Seoul. One fateful day, a strangely dressed woman shows up and drags him through a mysterious “gate of heaven”.When they reach the other side, Young finds himself in 1300s Goryeo and is praised as a doctor from Heaven. The strange woman who brought him there, Yoo Eun Soo, is a lady of the court and a close friend of the seriously wounded queen Noguk. In return for saving the life of her queen, Eun Soo promises to return Young to his time and until then, protect him from any danger he might face as the High Doctor. But as the two begin, against all odds, to fall in love, powerful forces from multiple sides threaten to tear them apart… via *** That sounds so awesome! I could totally see Lee Min Ho as a doctor ^^
As long as its lee min ho who is playing the role... i don't mind watching it...