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Nanami realized the demon who is eating her canned peach is the demon king. She got excited saying nice to meet you and introduced herself to him. He grabbed her head and started saying mean things to her and asked her where the Land God is. He told her he just wanted to see the Land God and she better be quiet. The demon king demanded Nanami to take him to the Land God. They went to town and the people were calling him monster. Nanami took out her charm and wrote the character for "Air" and put it on his back. The demon king was about to start a fight but the villagers went back to their business since they couldn't see him anymore. They passed by a festival procession. The demon king got interested and keeps eating Nanami's canned peach. Nanami asked for the direction but no one knows. The demon king happened to mention Tomoe's type of women and Nanami got sparkling eyes asking him to tell her what his type is. Looks like the demon king is really close to Tomoe. They were almost like siblings. Nanami gave the demon king another canned peach saying that the two of them seem to be on really good terms. The demon king patted on her back and amused that she said some interesting things. They got on top of the shrine. Nanami is afraid of the height and wanted to get down. The demon king got down first leaving Nanami then destroyed the shrine thinking she doesn't like things like a tall shrine. She wasn't pleased asking why he destroyed it. The town people wondered what happened. Nanami said it's the demon king's fault who didn't care much saying it's such a boring thing and it was good that he destroyed it. The demon king thinks Nanami is quite an interesting person. While they were walking in the alley, Nanami got robbed by some mobs. They hit her head and she became unconscious. They found the canned peach and wondered what it was. The demon king appeared and said "That's mine." Nanami came to and saw the dead bodies of the mobs. She asked him why he killed them and why he did such a horrible thing. He said they died too quickly. Nanami took her bag and left. One of the demon king's minions reported to him about Yukiji. The demon king said it looks like he still has to play around with Nanami some more. End of ch 89 Ch 90 Raw Spoiler Read all of my raw summary here
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