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But was it really that Martha was a prophet? Or just that Bat Sheva was taking her time, certainly more than she should have in the volatile middle east? Came June 1967, and in 6 days of a brilliant military campaign, Israel transformed itself from a small country, struggling for its existence, into a superpower. The Batsheva dance company, certainly gained from the rising admiration to anything Israeli that came after the 67 war, but on the other hand, the already arrogant dancers became even more arrogant and hard to work with. Yet there was something else going on. Earlier that year, a decision was made, to separate the school of dance from the dance company. Bat Sheva and Jeanette established a new school of dance. The new school was called "Bat Dor", a combination of the names of its two founders. The new school was intended to work in cooperation with the Batsheva dance company and train new dancers for it, but as Bat Sheva's affection to Jeanette grew, she started to have other plans. Her dismay from the dance company grew. She felt that she did not succeed as its patron. It had nothing to do with the company's undeniable success. She just did not feel it was hers anymore. She started looking at Jeannette as her Protegee. She saw her struggling to find the exact way to combine her classical upbringing with the traits of modern dancing. She had, at the age of 32, to almost start learning from scratch. It was impressive and pitiful at the same time. All of the sudden, Bat Sheva who never rushed into anything, wanted to make things materialize faster.
I can feel a change of pace coming--it feels like things are speeding up
@greggr, well I kind of reached an impasse here. I wonder myself, how I am going to over come it... we will see...
The continued development is nice--looking forward to more!