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Happily engaged as I am, I don't date anymore, but I am still thankful for this trick a previous colleague gave to me when I was new to dating and felt nervous about making decisions. I recently shared the method on the Huffington Post and figured I might as well share it here, too. :)

The Five Question Test

After a first date, ask yourself the following questions, giving numerical answers between zero and ten (zero being bad, ten being good):
1. How excited were you when you first saw this person in the flesh?
2. How much did you enjoy conversation with this person throughout your date?
3. How much did you enjoy any physical contact with this person? (Could be a handshake, could be more)
4. How badly do you want to see this person again?
5. How badly do you think this person wants to see *you* again?
Tally up your answers to get a final score. Anyone scoring below 30 probably is not worth your time. A date scoring between 30 and 40 might be worth your time, but perhaps you might only go for a second date if the other person seems keen to do so as well. And a date scoring over 40 is well worth pursuing!
My fiancé @MalcolmCollins scored 42 on our first date. The only reason he did not score a 50 was I thought he did not want to see me again!
What do you think? Is this useful? Is it missing any important details?
Exactly, @onesmile. The way I see it, the number is just an organized summary of a bunch of different emotions. When left to their own devices, the emotions might leave one feeling confused, but when one separates them out and tallies them up, a decision seems more reasonable. :)
It's so funny that you think he didn't like you and then he ended up becoming your fiancé. The world works in mysterious ways!
I was trying to think of what this might be lacking (sorry, it just seems SO simple!!) but everything I thought of is a smaller point that is pretty much already covered by one of the other points I think
OK so normally I wouldn't at all be into the idea of choosing whether to pursue or not based on a number, but it makes sense?? Like, sometimes you get wishy-washy on the is this worth it or not kind of feelings, and then you end up dating when its not really right for either of you. I think this would completely clear that problem up, at least at the start