Transform Your Maxi Dress Now!

Honestly, maxi dress is the best thing I ever invested (in terms of fashion). It's versatile and there are so many ways to style it. If you don't already have a maxi dress to work with I suggest you get one now!
They come in tank, strap, and strapless style but I prefer the strapless because you have more freedom to work with the garment. With that said, we'll be working with this blue strapless maxi dress (picture above).
Below are three fun ways to transform your maxi into something awesome!
This look turns your maxi dress into a mid-length flowing skirt. Tops it with a ruffly blouse and cinches the whole thing up with a belt and you'll be a country darling.
The technique: Roll up the maxi and use a thick belt to hide the rolled fabric! (scroll to see example).
Hello, Hi-low! This look is stylish, fun and edgy! Throw on a coral cardigan and give yourself a braided crown for a sweetheart look.
The technique: Pinch in the middle of the bust and safety in from the back. For the hi-lo effect, ruche and safety pin in a few places in the front and you're done.
Attending a party this weekend but don't know what to wear? Take out your maxi dress and turn into a hot halter mini dress. No one would notice it's actually a maxi.
The technique: Simply turn the dress upside down so the bust is hugging your thighs, light up the skirt part and tie around your neck.
Which one is your favorite from the three styles above? How do you wear your maxi dress?