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Me and a friend were out longboarding today and the snow was melting and the roads were wet. Well tonight the water started to freeze when the temperature. It was sketchy and fun. I and to bail some and so did he. I bailed once because I hit Ice around a turn and he was fell going down a hill. I bailed and my board ramped off some snow. Tomorrow. I'm cleaning my board and replacing the griptape. How do you like them thane lines. lol.
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Lol. I don't really like to ride in snow, ice, and rain or water. But it was fun.
Always ride in water if you have the chance. Learn to slide
@IsaacPaulR I would rather learn to slide when it's dry because that's when it's the hardest.
Ha uhhh well thats one way to do it @RichardSchafer
I don't know about snow, but it is definitely fun sliding after it rains with the damp roads, it's good to know how to slide on dry as well tho...