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I'm walking, I'm not running, I'm not dodging, I'm moving in the direction that my soul is leading my body, all these fears in my mind and all these doubts in my head, my body is still moving forward, there must be something that attracting my soul, something very powerful, it's a bold force that I never experienced, as I draw closer to this force, my inner being became alive from being dormant for so long, along with this inner being was a bad spirit that retained my inner being's full potential, preventing it from achieving it's destiny and ultimately reveiling the secrets to life, but this time when it came forth, the bad spirit was no longer there, it must have been slained and released out of my body when I didn't know it, as I see that, it gives me hope to embrace my inner being and motivation to never give up, now as my body reach closer to its destination, I'm overcoming these illusions and thoughts that I have only created in my head, I am now ready to fight and stand until the very end
I love that this is so so confident!! It makes me want to show off my confidence as well and push thru whatever life throws at me
This is a great piece for anyone going through a struggle to read, because it reminds them that to overcome, you have to be aware of the struggle, but also of your ability to overcoem, which you clearly have! Great!