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Who reads this manga?
anyone watch the anime? was it good? should I watch it?
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it's amazingly funny. i really recommend the anime (haven't read the manga) ^^ have fun!
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i have read the manga and watching anime also and its great ,funny glad to know that they didnt change the anime
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I started reading the manga and I was really hooked. the anime is great too! many cute scenes like this http://www.vingle.net/posts/75295-Tomoe-kissed-Nanami and http://www.vingle.net/posts/76341-What-is-he-trying-to-do haha
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I recommend that you should. i have read the manga and the anime. i can somehow relate it with inuyasha but the romance is way better plus sexy tomoe is more irresistible...once you start, you'll crave for more...hehe
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i wonder how long this manga will go on. maybe there will be season 2 for anime!
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