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What do you do when someone tells you to stop dancing?

Dance even harder!!

At least, that's the message that over 2,000 women in LA want to send when a man was body-shamed online for dancing at a party.
This guy was caught having a good time dancing at a party, and some rude anon hid behind his 4chan anonymity and wrote that he "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing." Uhh...totally not cool!
I'm not the only one who thought it wasn't cool; a group of nearly 2,000 young women who are body-positive on Twitter decided to throw him a crazy dance party....but first they had to find him! They posted tons of tweets searching for him.
They did manage to find him: his name's Sean, he's from London, and he's down to boogie!!!
He'll be joining the women for a crazy dance party soon, and Pharrell Williams also offered his support, so it seems like some big names might be there to make this awesome anti-bodyshaming party a total hit! Thanks to the power of crowd-funding, he'll also be able to make the trip without spending a dime....yay! This is the absolute best gift to give someone: positive energy & a lot of fun!
Who wants to join the party?!
@Sjeanyoon You and your friends is awesome!! Some people criticize other because they think that person is different to them and I was like oh seriously? I think those people who enjoy in bullying others is the one whos has a problem (In brain) :3
This is so awesome! I had a sort of similar experience where I saw people laughing at another girl for dancing and tried to move around so she had no room to dance. My friend and I got together and made a human wall to let her keep dancing in peace!
people are such assholes. if it made the man happy let him do his thing. it saddens me to see the hurt on his face. those jerk ppl just broke a piece of that gentleman. life it meant to be lived and enjoyed not to be cruel.
@jimberlykem Right?! I just saw this and was disgusted by people even doing that to him in the first gross.
@Sjeanyoon Right on!!! If only everyone would do this!!
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