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How did I pick up K-pop language without knowing....
2 years agoĀ·Reply
ė‚“ ģ¹œźµ¬ė“¤!
2 years agoĀ·Reply
yes yes lol. Then my friends look at me and are like what?
2 years agoĀ·Reply
Lmao @Lizzeh one time I was at work, and a co-worker's friend stopped by to visit them, and I turned to my co-worker all jokingly like "Oh, is that your chingu?" before realizing that they probably don't know what a chingu is......... -.-
2 years agoĀ·Reply
@danidee lmao right?! XD it's like today I didn't realize that I was saying Omo instead of omg, and ne instead of yes, then we were talking about who we liked and I was saying bias lol. But it's ok because they're gonna have to deal with it lol. I'm slowly starting to change my vocab without really being that aware lol
2 years agoĀ·Reply