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It'd be swell if there were a book on the dark side of European silent movie - I mean "UFA Babylon" or something in this line - to radically overthrow and dismantle our usual appreciation of Cinema History. And the odds are if such a book ever exists, Maria Orska (1893, Ukraine – 1930, Austria), with her short life leaving so many mysteries behind, will occupy a chapter of her own there.
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You've got me interested! Honestly the only silent movie I've ever seen is the Artist and that is really contemporary.
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How did you end up with these??
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@galinda: always good to see people reviving old artisanal method with newer techniques and sensibility (The Artist & Blancanieves). On YouTube you can even find an extremely funny "silent remix" version of Star Wars;) Thanks for the words and nice to meet ya'!
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@timeturnerjones: a bit of patience, time and... obsession? I do love feeling "in touch" with pre-war technology and culture;)
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@hansegede hahaha I totally understand :D my favorite hobbies are born out of obsession, too!
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