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Ok haha dumb meme I know. But this is actually an extremely longboard-relevant post! I wanted to ask for anyone and everyone's opinions on spring style boarding gear. Comment with any questions, experiences, stories, or reviews of anything from Original brand trucks, Seismic trucks( trucks that run springs? Ahh it all makes sense now ). Has anyone ever rode an MBS board with spring bushinged mountain board trucks? Or a board with some sort of suspension? Or a lowrider board with hydraulics? Anyone?
my friend has an original pintail with the original trucks. at first they were great really carvy like they were meant for. but after about 6 months or so the board would stick to one side. like your leaning left and you get off the board the board would still be leaning hard left. we thought it was the spring or the wave cams in the trucks so he got new ones and again after month or so it started to do the same thing. I'm not a big fan of them.
that Original truck was for a scooter they bought the rights to use it but I don't think it was ever used for anything else because the application/production of the idea was sloppy and no one liked it... those cams break easy I've heard
Yeah metal looses its elasticity pretty quick compared to urethane or fiber glass. That's why urethane bushings are the norm/cheapest @JoshSmith