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I heard this vid was especially shut down by Chinese govt. yesterday so of course I had to look it up.. After watching, wow. I can see why. Information is presented straightforwardly through narration, videos, graphs, interviews with China's figureheads, and industry leaders in China, the US, and England. Definitely an important to watch, even here in the U.S. Sidenote: Subtitles are excellent, just have to change the background color AND opacity to make them stand out (On YouTube bottom right click Settings, then Options next to the Sub language).
It is unbelievable, right?? However, I think she did a good job of comparing the situation to England and showing that it is reversible and can be improved. Plus she even researched and showed which companies are the biggest problem and how much the government is failing to do a single thing about it. The bit about cars - I remember that! I grew up in Rep of Serbia and was so surprised when we moved and the newer cars didn't have plumes coming out of the exhaust! It seems to be a matter of economics and govt getting around to regulating it even if they suffer some financial losses at first... overall, what an eye opener! And I was sad to see that India is getting so bad too - wish more vids like these were around and hopefully growing nations in the future won't make these mistakes.
Heard my coworkers talking about this the other day--I'll definitely be watching it soon. Thanks for the link with subs! It's not surprising that it "disappeared" if it's exposing so much....
@serbshavemofun Agreed. It's only a matter of time before many other people follow suit and manage to make this kind of exposing video. The simple fact is many people just don't know how badly their country or town is contributing to a world wide problem, and it will take a long time to share that knowledge, I think.
@yakwithalan I don't know that we can either.
Got around to watching the full thing--at this point, I don't know that we can reverse what we've caused.
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