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This was my first time replacing griptape on a board. The edges aren't that great. I did a somewhat crappy job at cutting it. The grip is candy grip. It changes from red to gold depending on light or angle or something like that. That's why in the first photo it looks gold and in the second it looks red. I haven't ridden it yet though. Hopefully tomorrow I can review it.
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Lmfao damn it dude I just stopped seeing that and to have to bring it up again!? Hahaha @ThtYoungElwoodJ @TreyChiri
Looks pretty good for your first shot. it takes practice before you get it packed down. I'm pretty good at it, but Im a bit slow with it. I've seen people at board shops do it in almost 2 minutes flat.
@MichaelNieves dang that's fast.