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Finally pressed a deck:P still need to shape it but yea:) just had to change how I did the concave on my press and glue a few more sheets together. It's not perfect and there are some air bubbles here and there but I'm happy with how it's looking so far
I did 11 layers of 1/16 inch maple, every other layer is cross grain so it doesn't bend much longways or sideways so it's super stiff @TreyChiri The supplies were special ordered from one of my dad's friends so I'm not sure@BlakeRuss And I hope so haha @ThtYoungElwoodJ
Cause wouldn't the grain being sideways affect the quality and stiffness????
Wait is that top layer in the pic the only ply with sideways grain?
Sure thing:) should be cutting it out today or tomorrow @mikerosa92
Nice! Hope to see more pics! One of my friends made his own board!
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