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You know how much I love over-the-top corny love stories and here is another one for you:
A year before this video was taken, Dean decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. To show her how much she means to him, he took a moment out of every day for 365 days to ask her if she would marry him. Of course, she didn't know he was doing this, until exactly 365 days later.
It is not only amazing that he has spent so much time on this proposal, but he even had to get everything finished off at the last minute so he would still have every daily proposal in the video including the day before. He finally presented the video to her before a birthday dinner in Aruba and I can't imagine a more beautiful setting for something like this.
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I love that her family was so in support of this, and even helped! My favorite surprise proposals are those where the family is involved~
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@marshalledgar Hmmm looks like its working on my end! hopefully it works for you soon too :/
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It works on my laptop, but not my phone. Odd.
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Wow, so beautiful!!!! I hope someone is willing to take that much time to be confirm their feelings for me someday :)
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This made me cry. wow, she is a lucky girl
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