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This is recap of Ep.3 :D Watch Ep 3 Eng Sub here http://www.vingle.net/posts/75481 Seong Ho takes JW. "Take care SY well", he says. Then JW's father comes. He doesn't let JW meet SH again, cuz he's director. Coming back home, JW calls SY. "I hope it rains tmr so that I can get my present from u.", he says. Next morning, SY writes diary. 'JW waits for raining, and I wait for snow. I like JW so much. How about u, JW?'. Then suddenly it rains. She runs to meet JW. JW also runs, but while going, he got caught by stranger. The man catch SY too, cuz she saw his face. Seog Ho director notices sth's wrong to SY. In the meanwhile, SY and JW wakes up. "Why u r here", he asks. "I follwed to save u", SY says, HJ asks to go out from hospital. "Ur son is JW? give this to him if u can. Maybe he's alive still. If I leave here safe, u will see him. If I don't go out from here, he will die." But TJ imprison her and goes to find JW. JW tries to go out, then a man comes and rapes SY. Then another man comes in and stops him. At the moment, JW finally cut rope and goes to SY, but he runs away alone. While running away, it snows and he reminds of promise that he gonna stay with SY when it snows. Man sees him and runs to catch him. JW hides from them and calls to father. JW says where he is and calls police. When he's about to tell police where he is, the man comes and catch him, Then TJ comes and save him. He cries, "I gotta go to SY! I know where she is. Plz let me go there together!" But TJ says "Go home.". In the meanwhile, Hye Mi calls the man to check if he caught JW. He says yes, being threatened by TH. While Hye Mi heading to the man to see JW, she meets SY running away. HM recognize SY is the one who was caught with JW together, She thinks SY knows she ordered to catch JW. She drives towards SY to kill her so that she can eliminate witness. While Seong Ho director observes, he finds SY's hairpin. He takes a look more. Coming home, JW begs father for saving SY. "U ranaway behind ur friend who followed to save u? If she died, it means u killed her.", TJ says and leave. Director SH finds SY's shoes. He goes to JW's home to see him but TJ doesn't let him to see JW. He asks his fellow to search together. JW dreams of SY. Waking up, he goes to father, "Where is SY? U told me u'd find her. Where is she?". He cries.. Preview of Ep.4) SY's mom finally noticed sth's wrong to SY. "I wanna ask u sth. Is she alive?", she cries. In the meanwhile SH gets angry and struggle to find SY.
@patriciawilliam oh I don't know, cuz I don't translate the sub:( I just do only recap..:)
when will the eng sub of ep 3 complete?
@IMssYouDrama yea, sure! It's about 1 minute left ;)
will you do live recaps to?