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I need help picking out a set of wheels for slides I was gonna get some Mini Zombie Hawgs prolly 82a idk help me out i need a good set of slide wheels
Hawgs and Bustin is pretty much all I use for wheels. Slide wise depends what you wanna do. Every wheel is a slide wheel if you want it to be.
@BradSBadEmd yep I'd go with 70mm and @ThtYoungElwoodJ my friend went through a set of those in 2 days. Great wheels but quite some money for only 2 sessions but that's how I feel about blood orange Wheels too
I'd do 70mm if you're doing slowish freeride because the contact patch will be smaller so slides will kick out easier. Also 76mm is bad if you have a top mount and ride a little loose
82a is too icey I got 80a and they're perfect
@WonTon321 ya i got 80a
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