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I need help picking out a set of wheels for slides I was gonna get some Mini Zombie Hawgs prolly 82a idk help me out i need a good set of slide wheels
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I like my bustin swifts for their nice chalky sides and their big core. Id suggest getting a wheel based on your weight. Phat deanz also has some sick wheels for sliding that throw down mad thane.
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Some say overated, i say just bandwagon hatersc but Orangatang. They are super durable, which beginners kinda need
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Hawgs and Bustin is pretty much all I use for wheels. Slide wise depends what you wanna do. Every wheel is a slide wheel if you want it to be.
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Sure hope you got the 80a boss hawgs since the other two duros IME need faster speeds to do good slides on them
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@WonTon321 ya i got 80a
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