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my prode and joy hahaha. any thoughts?

This is my 07 mustang gt. Only mods to it is lowered 1.5" Bama custom tune Cold air intake. O/r xpipe and wicked flow resonators Pretty much stock at the moment but i have ran a 13.5 on street tires at the track. Plan to super charge or pro charge it this summer hopefully. Any ideas or thoughts
I wasnt asking for your opinion on the the car haha. Was asking for thoughts or ideas on pro charging or supercharging it dip shit lol.
it looks nice, but in my opinion mustangs are overplayed.. sorry.
honestly I'd go pro charger. super charged is nice but just can't beat turbo
Hot Damn!!! She's beautiful!!!!
Looks like beautiful monster
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Saat Hilux dan Triton, kualitas diesel siapa yang lebih tinggi?
Hi guys, I appeared again today! Keep updating the news daily!! :D Next I show you the passage! Kokpit ganda Toyota New Hilux resmi diluncurkan bulan lalu dengan banyak perubahan menarik. Munculnya dadakan, beberapa fungsi dan penyempurnaan suspensi menjadi menu utama pembaruan ini. Sayangnya, PT Toyota Astra Motor masih mempertahankan mesin diesel seperti model sebelumnya. Memang selama ini tidak diketahui bahwa mesin diesel Toyota Hilux mengalami masalah besar. Oleh karena itu, penggantian mesin kompartemen ganda Hilux belum menjadi masalah besar. Hilux yang semakin tampan kini tak sendirian di kabin ganda Indonesia. Merek Jepang lainnya juga memiliki Mitsubishi Triton yang merupakan pesaing terberatnya. Ada 6 model truk pikap Mitsubishi Triton yang dapat dipilih. Harga mobil Mitsubishi Triton mulai dari Rp. 259 juta rupee. 489 juta. Demikian harga truk pikap mobil Mitsubishi terbaru Triton 2020, tak jauh beda dengan harga Triton 2019. Ada juga konsumen yang mencari harga tri-core bekas yang dapat ditemukan di situs web mobil. Baik truk pikap Mitsubishi Triton dan Toyota New Hilux bersaing untuk merebut hati konsumen di China dengan berbagai keunggulan, ketangguhan, dan karakteristiknya. Karena identik dengan penggerak 4 roda dan berbagai medan, kedua merek ini tentu saja mengajukan d-cab dalam persaingan yang juga secara efektif dapat mengurangi konsumsi bahan bakar. Untuk itu mari kita bandingkan konsumsi bahan bakar antara Toyota New Hilux dan Mitsubishi Triton, tentunya dalam hal ini bahan bakarnya adalah solar. Sebelum mengungkap konsumsi bahan bakar dari dua kokpit ganda keren ini, kita perlu memahami spesifikasinya masing-masing. Keduanya sama-sama dibekali mesin diesel, dan hingga saat ini mesin diesel sangat kuat dan cocok untuk kendaraan roda empat. Keduanya juga menggunakan turbocharger dan intercooler sebagai penunjang performa. Berdasarkan informasi yang kami terima, kapasitas mesin yang digunakan New Hilux adalah 2.400 cc yang disebut sebagai mesin ramah lingkungan. Mesin diesel turbocharged dapat menghasilkan tenaga puncak hingga 149,6 PS dan torsi hingga 400 Nm. Bagaimana dengan kompetitor di kubu Mitsubishi? Fakta telah membuktikan bahwa ini sangat kompetitif dalam hal output. Karena Triton bisa menghasilkan tenaga puncak yang sedikit lebih rendah, namun lebih unggul dari segi torsi. Menurut informasi yang kami peroleh dari situs resmi Mitsubishi Indonesia, mesin Triton juga berkapasitas 2.500 cc dan menggunakan mesin turbocharged dengan tenaga intercooler tertinggi.Tenaga maksimal 133 PS, namun torsinya mencapai 430 Nm. Perbandingan konsumsi energi matahari? Kami sudah mengetahui informasi dari setiap master masalah Hilux dan Triton. Jadi apa akibat dari konsumsi bahan bakar sekarang? Untuk menjawab pertanyaan tersebut, kami akan merujuk pada data pengujian konsumsi bahan bakar Hilux dan Triton yang dilakukan oleh pada dua kabin dek ganda. Untuk Hilux, uji konsumsi bahan bakarnya sendiri dilakukan pada 2018 lalu. Namun, tipe mesinnya masih sama dengan tipe mesin yang digunakan pada Hilux facelift 2020, yakni kode lintasan dapur pacu 2GD-FTV. Terlihat dari data tersebut bahwa Hilux yang mengandalkan encoder GD lebih efisien daripada Triton. Perlu diketahui juga bahwa jika Anda mencobanya sendiri, konsumsi bahan bakar dapat memberikan hasil yang berbeda. Pasalnya, banyak faktor yang akan mempengaruhi hasil pengujian konsumsi bahan bakar. Mulai dari gaya mengemudi, kondisi mesin diesel hingga kualitas diesel itu sendiri, hasil pengujiannya akan bervariasi. Sejauh ini, Hilux bisa dikatakan lebih baik dari Triton dalam hal konsumsi bahan bakar. Pernyataan Toyota tentang mesin Hilux yang ramah lingkungan tampaknya lebih dari sekadar promosi.Dalam hal konsumsi bahan bakar, mesin 2GD-FTV Hilux sangat efisien. Namun perlu diingat bahwa gaya mengemudi dan kondisi mesin berpengaruh besar terhadap konsumsi solar yang efektif. Thanks for watching! Hope you like it.
Lamborghini Urus vs Audi Q8 - The Comparison
Every SUVs has its uniqueness, charm and objective. Some SUVs are designed to drive in any terrain while some are the best mixture of power and luxury. For the rich or elite people, there are many SUVs accessible. Anyway, Audi Q8 and Lamborghini Urus are the most popular and expensive SUVs as well. Here is a full comparison between the most famous SUVs in the automobile industry. Let's check our Lamborghini urus vs Audi q8 comparison: Lamborghini Urus It is an Italian SUV. Lamborghini has released it as their second-ever sports utility car. It was the center of attraction for lovers and media due to its look. It is not extremely pretty and charming looking SUV. Anyway, it is surprisingly extremely similar to the Audi Q8 in look. Appearance and looks Lamborghini Urus is more aggressive and have faster lines but rooflines and c-pillars are extremely similar to Audi Q8. Lamborghini Urus 2020 is an extremely charming designed SUV. It is also customizable. So, users can upgrade it with carbon fiber dashboard and various colour plans. Panoramic sunroof and black rail are also accessible. Customers can also purchase the off-road package for extra performance. Buyers can opt for the tires from twenty-one to twenty-three inches. Image: Youtube Audi Q8 Is the first-rate SUV, presented by the German automobile monster Audi. It is larger than the top selling version Q5 and smaller than the Q7 model. It is little but more costly than Q7 because it is more a luxury vehicle than a family vehicle. Appearance and looks It is a best mixture of the sleek silhouette with a muscle and compact look. It provides extremely athletic and sporty styling without compromising with the roofline because it reduces interior area. It specs aggressive front taillights and headlights. It also has a very best frame grille with the chrome finish. It comes with the panoramic sunroof. Image: Youtube
97% vs 3%
Society is divided up between two categories. There's the 97% and the 3%. The 97% are the average people. They work 9-5 jobs, focused too much on their education, don't think outside the box, and simply quit on themselves and their goals (if they had any significantly big ones). Yes, some people chose to be a part of that percentile and that's ok because it's their choice. They wanted it to be easy. But for those who complain about it have no right to. They may be thinking "I work 8 hours a day. I deserve better and should be living a better life." In reality they don't. They knew what they were getting themselves into and what the rest of their life would be like. They have made their choice a have given up on what could have been, for them, a life full of rewards and luxury. They decide to see the obvious instead of what's further ahead, and when they see the obvious, they hurt themselves more by looking at it through one perspective. These are the people who have simply said "I will do my part in society no matter the cost." Education plays a huge factor in your destiny. Some dream jobs do require an advanced education. When this is present, education is ok to take part in for it is needed to achieve a dream. For jobs that don't require education, you simply are spending $100,000 to people who will never know your name. The 3% of people in society are the people who put themselves away from society. They're the entrepreneurs in this world, the people loaded with confidence, they ignore what people say, etc. These people realized they have so much potential in their life and they take the opportunity even when it's not present. To be where they are they took the risks and sacrifices and understood what outcomes could come. Every penny they've ever made was put into what they believed in even if it was a dream or goal so big it scared them. Fear is not present in these people. They realized the only thing that could really stop them was fear therefore they learned to overcome it. No matter the criticism they received, negative comments they've been told, or even simply being told "you can't do it." 24 hours was not enough for them to get what they needed done so they would put in a full 24 hours of work. Now, depending on who they are and their stories, they could have had an easy start or challenging one. Some entrepreneurs were lucky enough to have a family member who already started the business or gave a startup of $1,000,000. But some start with nothing but a dollar and a vision. One feels much more rewarding than the other and causes them to have a bigger appreciation for what they have and have done. The 3% are always hungry no matter what they have. They will not stop until they have what they want. There are many quotes for these people but the quote posted best describes them. So now that you know a little about the two sides of society, which one will you choose? Are you happy with where you stand? Or do you want better? It's never too late to change or start. All it takes is confidence, hard work, and a drive strong enough that you constantly think "I can't quit now." Keep pushing towards what you want and stop at nothing. Have a good day guys, Kyler
Schedule The Airport Limo Services Fort Worth For Each Flight
You can quickly move within the airstrip and outside the landing field by hiring the Airport Limo Services Fort Worth. It is the very best mode of transport for the passengers that are new in the new cities because they do not know the courses and courses, as well as they, are not familiar with individuals at the brand-new area. It becomes tough for them to hire an automobile that is top-notch as well as it comes to be difficult for them to work with their abilities and also an expert chauffeur. At the arrival of the brand-new airdrome, they are so weary and also want to reach to the resort in the best short possible time. Often, due to tiredness, they employ the inexperienced motorist subconscious, as well as such chauffeur, have bad auto that fulfils the demands of the customers. For these reasons, to stay clear of these problems, you need to work with the airstrip solutions that supply a good-quality car according to the requirements of the customers. Schedule the flight terminal transfer service ahead of time The majority of the rich, VIP, as well as expert individuals, utilize such services because they provide excellent friendliness to the clients and it leaves an excellent perception of the visitors. It comes in numerous frameworks, colours, as well as designs that you can conveniently book such vehicles according to your wishes and also spending plan. Due to the importance of the aerodrome cars and truck, they are the busiest one in your areas so you need to schedule the vehicle ahead of time that you will quickly be kept an eye on as well as inspect that which auto is readily available on your tour day and also you can inspect the fees of the cars conveniently. On the day of your trip, you are so busy and also you have not much time to consider all the facets prior to reserving the aerodrome vehicles. By scheduling the cars in advance, you will certainly spend for the solutions in advanced and also you will certainly feel free on the day of your tour for paying any added costs while travelling so it will certainly conserve your cash. Reasons to book the aerodrome transfer solution To obtain the desires' vehicle into fact, you need to reserve the Limo Service Fort Worth for your journey that it gives the car that you can conveniently enjoy while taking a trip. Numerous systems, as well as computer animations, are mounted into such autos that you can make use of to make a memory. You can ask for the added offering if you needed when you are on the trip. Motorists communicate with the driver respectfully as well as you can chat with the motorist directly. You can conveniently pick the courses that are favourite of your clients by discussing with the chauffeur and motorist drive the cars and truck in the peaceful way that you will not miss the flights due to the fact that the chauffeur gets in touch with the schedule of the trips and also if you reached late to the aerodrome while touchdown, the vehicle driver will certainly stay at the airdrome for your delay and ask from the aerodrome that when you reached to the landing field. You can reserve the airdrome transfer solution online or by means of reference.
Late Introduction
My apologies, I was having such a good time on Vingle that I forgot to properly introduce myself. My real name is Jason. I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. First off, I am husband and father to my psychotic but lovable family. I have some cats. Jackson and Sarah respectively. Jackson is a 17 pound tomcat I picked up in an alley and Sarah is his feral daughter we eventually tamed. I'm a high school dropout. Never could maintain interest and besides, my skills were already developed long before I even hit middle school. I am great with machines. All machines. If you can put an energy source in one side and get a desired reaction out the other; I can build, repair, and especially modify it. I love to modify cars, especially Fords. No, not Mustangs or the usual candidates for souping up. I do sleepers. You know, the ones that shouldn't be fast but leave you wondering how the hell something like that could slam your doors. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but when I do it's anime. I was taught Japanese culture and language in middle school. It gives me a greater appreciation for anime and manga when I am aware of the cultural nuances. Going to Sakura-con this year? I'll see you there. I you went last year, you might have seen me. You know, the ONLY Sebastian who was slender and over 6 1/2 feet tall. Yeah, that one. I was a Seahawk fan before is was cool. Since I was there for the bad years, it makes these good years feel a whole lot better. Before I close, I will give an honorable mention to videogames. Now it is my kids who benefit from me keeping everything I had since my own childhood. There is so much more in my life I love, but the last word belongs to booze. Especially beer. Not just because I'm a drunk, but it is a skilled craft and the best way to show my appreciation is to drink up. Well that is a peek into my twisted little life. Hope that is enough to let you know where I stand in this world. BONUS One Vingle member is my kid. Can anyone figure out who it is? Neither one of us will try to make it obvious.
BMW E46 M3 - A Performance Icon
Arguably BMW's ultimate M car, the BMW E46 M3 is one of the purest BMW performance vehicles every to leave bararia. BMW's M division work around the clock to emply the latest in performance car technology with every new model they release. On paper, these latest vehicles offer blistering performance figures in stock form, right out of the box. Additionally to this these cars are very easy to live with and daily drive. With modern turbocharged engine configurations, its not too challenging for BMW M power to dial up the numbers to the extreme. But with forced induction comes a big debate. Have BMW M cars lost the raw edge that made them so special in the first place? Many enthusiasts have looked back through BMW's M car back catalogue and one model stands out at the kingpin of all M cars. Thats the M3. The M3 offers the ideal balance between size, weight and power. Making it a car perfect for track work, but still large enough to take the kids to school. The latest F80 BMW M3 clings on to its roots with its traditional BMW straight six engine, but with a turbo feeding it additional air to meet the modern requirements for performance and emissions. If you turn the clock back and look throug BMW M3's of old, you can't help but linger on the BMW E46 M3, with its timeless and uncomplicated styling, its beautiful and revered handling characteristics and also its howling naturally apirated straight six engine that revs all the way to an 8000rpm red line. While the F80 M3 wins the day in terms of performance figure and outright power, the BMW E46 M3 specs are still impressive to this day, and with its superior level of simplicity, it's a sports car with plenty of character and thrills. More so than a modern BMW M3. This makes the E46 M3 a more enjoyable car to drive around on occasions, but less fun to drive daily compared to the modern day equivalent. So selecting the right M3 for you depends very much on what you want to use it for.