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Jenny Packham Bridal 2015
Jenny Packham gowns have been seen on the red carpet and even the Duchess of Cambridge. Many of her silhouettes are slender and sleek. Her 2015 collection saw a tremendous mix of metal and neutral hues besides the standard white.
You can see the rest of her collection on line at Who are your favorite bridal gown designers?
Im a huge fan of the empire waists. Her gowns are nice.
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A lot of these wedding dresses are so beautiful. I would love to see these up close and in person.
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I remember hearing about Jenny Packham gowns while watching Fashion Police. Miss Joan...
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Jenny's gowns are a combination of hits and misses. Pretty, yes. But not spectacular.
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I like the colors a lot. I can't find anything wrong with these gowns. I like them. But I too am geared more for high fashion like Keveza.
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