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I have been seeing more and more women at the gym lately that will come in, hop on the treadmill, and then leave without ever doing any strength building activity. I asked one of my cardio bunny friends why this is and she said simply "muscle makes you look bulky and gain weight."
Muscle building can slim you down immensely (after you get rid of that fat layer!) because it takes up so much less room. You'll look much slimmer and more defined after training your body with weights.
As far as the weight gain goes, check out the image above. Muscle weights much more than fat, but you will be a tinier person. So stop worrying about how big your thighs will get or how much the number might raise on the scale and start thinking about the benefits of strength training.
You're more than the number on your scale, and you deserve to have a strong, healthy body.
How many of you guys are trying to work on strength training? Even just doing a few lunges daily?
I'm just picturing my little lower belly as that slab of fat and now I feel like I need to go run a mile!
That really IS a powerful picture.
Such a good reminder! I would much rather be heavier, healthier, and take up less room :)
This is always a powerful picture but the glob of fat always gives me the chills haha