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Ep.5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/75908 Last time, SY disappeared and JW feels so much painful about it. In the meanwhile, ditector SH also struggle to find her. Where is SY?! Can they find her? Doctor suggest TJ to send JW to mental hospital. But parents worry if bad rumors go around him. Then SY's mom comes to ask him about SY. While ppl stops her, SY's friend goes in his room. She force JW to tell about SY but gets shocked seeing his statue. She asks, "See! This is SY's diary! She likes u very much..! U behave like this cuz u know sth right? Where is she? Where is she?" But JW's mom comes in and takes her off from JW's room. In the meanwhile, ditecter SH found a car looks strage. He orders to investigate it. TJ is torturing the guy who caught JW. "How dare u harm my son? Where are the woman who ordered this? Catch her..!", he says. JW is reading SY's diary. It says 'When it rains, I will tell u l like u. That's my little present for u. When I call him, he always turn around left. Sky is circling. I think I'm crazy. I think about u even when u're next to me. JW, wat r u gonna do when it snows for first time?' JW cries remembering when he ranaway alone. SH gets SY's book to get JW's fingerprint. And SH comes to know there was sexual assult. "Wat the hell..son of bitch..From now on I'm gonna do anything. I will catch the man who caught SY..", SH says. His boss calls to stop him, but he refuses his order. He goes to JW's home. "I catch JW for crime who caught and rape SY. I got his fingerprint in car and now he's strong criminal." His parents stop him, but JW comes out and follow SH's imprisonment. After leaving his home with JW, SH says "Sorry, JW. This was only way I could talk with u. I will let u free soon." In front of river, JW confess he ranaway alone. SH says "U have sth to tell SY, right? Me too. I also have sth to tell her. Her father is not murderer.. I caught real criminal but I did nth not to be fired. " SH says "Plz tell the truth after finding her. What do I have to do? I will do anything..! A guy doesn't have a finger and uses right hand most. And..the guy seemed like to take drug. My father caught one of the two guys. I think I gotta ask to my father directly." But SH stops her, saying "There's nothing to be sure." Then a person calls saying he saw a girl like SY. He gets angry of the person, cuz he reported about it after few days from the witness. SH and police officers looks for SY and find her sweater under the ground. JW asks TJ, "Where are the guy u caught? I heard there was fire in storage we were caught.." But scretary lies there were alreay fire when they arrived there. The guys are staying in a room, then SH comes and says "I'm SY's father. Where are her?" But the guy who rape SY says "So wat? How many years I gotta stay in prison? 7yrs? Now I'm even not normal cuz I took drug..Then I'm imprisoned for 5yrs?" He beats the guy, saying "Where is her?! Where is her?! Are u painful? huh..??!" But the guy says "I killed her. I threw here away to river Next day there is a news which SY was killed, being threw in river. In front river, police officers are searching her body and SY's mom gets shocked. He asks to the criminal, crying "Why did u do that to the young girl? She's alive, right? I will forgive u whatever u did to her. Just tell me she's alive...she's alive, right?" JW is watching the news, then runs to the playground he used to play with SY. SY's words continually goes around him. 'Are u coming here tmr?' He thinks of HS's and scretary's saying. Then he runs to his home and finds sth in her father's room. There, he finds his phone. Then suddenly it rings. "JW...Han Jeong Woo.." It's SY's voice. But TJ takes it off and stops him. "U didn't look for SY, right? U just don't wanna find her, right?",JW asks. TJ says "Yes, Why I find her? Why I gotta find murderer's daughter?" Picking up his phone, JW says "U said u trust only me. Now don't anymore, cuz I will not trust u anymore." Then he goes out. In the meanwhile, SH gets angry. "This investigation is not over! There are no anything which is done enough. There are no any clue which SY died. I will find her and bring her in front of u!" Then JW comes and says "SY is alive. Plz find her..I have sth to tell her..I miss SY.." Hye Mi want to leave behind SY, but Hyeong Jun says he won't leave her. He shows news which she died. Hyeong Jun says "See? U're dead and there are no any story related with JW. It means he left u." SY can't accept it, feeling so much heartbreaking. Preview of Ep.5) SH ditector still looks for SY. "I think I can find her" In the meanwhile Hyeong Jun grows up together, staying with SY. JW is also grown up and beats someone. "I've been patient for yrs!", he says.
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they're so cute, but tragic..