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Gazar is a silk or wool plain weave fabric that has a smooth texture and is crisp. It's made with high twist double yarns woven as one. The hand is similar to quilted taffeta without the noise.
Peter Langner's sleeveless gown is made with a floral patterned gazar that is draped in the bodice. I would love to know your thoughts on this dress. I find it absolutely beautiful.
I just want to rub my hand across the fabric. Gazar. I had never heard of that before.
It's beautiful but the fabric and draping reminds of a curtain.
I thought I knew a lot about fashion. But I am not familiar with Gazar. Love to see this in person. @stargaze, you are funny! A curtain?! No way. I want to try this on.
Gazar is tactile. Feels great against the skin