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I would like to know who gas a speed deck and there setup. I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered Deck:rail rider wester born free trucks:caliber ll 44*acid melon wheels:FSU km hawgs 70mm 80a
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@WonTon321 how's the top speed I was gonna get one.
3 years ago·Reply
top speed is a great board if you like concave and flares
3 years ago·Reply
loaded truncated tesseract with an added layer of carbon fiber $210+$70 pretty noise labs strummers 47° $340 riptide wfb barrels 93a all round $18 array cupped and sleeved flat $27 seismic tektons bearings $31 vicious clear griptape $16 khiro hardware $5
3 years ago·Reply
@Mannith I wish I had that kind of money but I'm only 13
3 years ago·Reply
I paid about 160 for that setup after shopping around and deals at work. but you may just have to skate with what you have. plus I have cheaper setups
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