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According to the travel section of US News, these are the top ten hiking spots in North America, but I'm not so sure I agree with this list. @happyrock, what do you think? Are they spot on, or totally off?
1. Yellowstone
2. Yosemite
3. Banff
4. Kauai
5. Sedona
6. Hawaii - The Big Island
7. Acadia National Park
8. Jackson Hole
9. Grand Canyon
10. Aspen
Glacier State Park didn't make the list, nor did anything in Utah, so I'm likely to say "no, this isn't the best spots, just the most famous." I do appreciate that Acadia is there, though!
What are your thoughts? Are they missing some key spots?
There's not a single place in Utah on this list?! What?!!
Did two locations in hawaii really make it?
I personally don't love Banff and wouldn' thave put it on here.
No doubt these are good, but I think it's a little impossible to make a list of "10 top hiking spots" because they're going to be different for everyone depending on what they can handle as far as difficulty and what sites they wanna see! I am really glad Acadia is there too though :D