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Okay, remember when I said that Carly Rae Jepsen's new song is pop perfection?! Well she just went and dropped a nearly perfect video on top of that. Here's the run-down:
Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) wakes up and goes through his day being the awesome man that he is. Hi-fives all around, ace lip-syncing, and he on TINDER?!
Basically this video is the bomb, then Bieber gets in on it, then there's a dance party, and then I hit replay. Watch this now!
@ArianaVenti I agree this video is super random lol, I can't imagine how these two came to be or the events leading up to this video but it made my day lol
@Mschievous1 I just would have never thought that he'd be in a Carly Rae Japsen music video of all things hahah
I love this he is one of my faves and this video was a delight.
@galinda I was thinking the SAME thing!
How the hell did they get Tom Hanks to do this?!
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