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If you haven't been hiking in Joshua Tree yet, I don't know what you're doing with yourself. This area is absolutely STUNNING, no matter the season (though the summer can be pretty damn hot). If you feel a sense of awe watching this video, you'll feel 10x that awe when you're actually there hiking!!
This video comes from the project morethanjustparks which will seek to document over 59 national parks and show just what treasures are there, and why we should continue protecting them. Can't wait to see what other wonderful places they showcase.
I haven't been there before, but this really makes me want want to make the effort to get there!
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I have been here, and it is beautiful! Is this the first video released from this project? @TrevorGoldley
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THIS is what we have to PRESERVE! So sick of hearing about graffiti in Joshua Tree.
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@happyrock I believe it is yeah! But hopefully there will be more soon. @treedweller Me too buddy me too!!
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