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It appears the $11,000 engagement ring was recently sold at Barneys New York, which means the one-of-a-kind Munnu is long gone, but certainly not forgotten.
Munnu, my dears, is the preeminent Indo-Russian jeweler that spans nine generations of the Kasliwal family. Every jeweled creation is masterfully designed and created using a mix of old and new materials. Antique rings find new life crowned with newer lapis, diamond and emerald gems. You can also find newer pieces set with historical gems that were table cut.
Regardless of which engagement accessory you wear, be it a sapphire engagement ring or Burmese ruby drop earrings, you will be wearing magnificence, art and history.
This ring is so olden and romantic. Really pretty
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This ring seems really ancient. It's not my style, but very intricate.
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