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How to Doo Doo in the Woods Like a Boss

Exactly as the title says. Sometimes, you have to go in the woods, and it can be a pretty weird thing to learn how to do. Since many might be hesitant to ask their new hiking or exploring friends, "hey man, how do I take a crap in the woods?" I thought I'd share this video. It covers the basics pretty well.
Just make sure you use BIODEGRADABLE, NON BLEACH toilet paper! Better if you can go without it or use wipes that you pack out (just bring a separate plastic bag for them), but if you do need to wipe and bury, make sure you really bury it and it will degrade.
And yes, that is the same guy. The more you know? Check out his channel for a lot of awesome videos about the environment. He works as Corps Supervisor teaching youth about the environment!
A lesson everyone needs ot know but doesn't want to learn the smelly details of.
I was giggling SO much at the title,a nd then at that video of him dancing!!! he's so good!!!
Great video. This should be used in all youth outdoors programs! Fun, educational video--just what kids needs.
This man!!!! Wow I didn't know he's such an awesome environmentalist :D (And yes, it's good to learn how to let go in the woods lol)
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3 Fun Outdoor Hairstyle Ideas
It's never too early to prepare for Fall. My friends and I just started thinking about outdoor activities during Fall and here I am looking through hairstyles for hiking. I'm that excited. Also, I want to share my curated list to everyone because I thought some of you might be interested in changing up your hairstyles for your fall classes or activities such as biking, rock climbing or yoga. Medium to Long Hair: Easy Pulled Back Ponytail If you're hitting the hills or biking this one is perfect. Your hair will look good for hiking photos and it's not to shabby for a post-hike meal at a diner. This is also a no-fuss helmet hairstyle. Buns are too snug. Styling Instruction: 1. Pull the crown of the hair into a ponytail. 2. Then flip hair through the ponytail. 3. Repeat until the hair at the nape is also pulled back. Tip: The ponytail should be stack on top of the previous tail. Curly Hair: Braidout Ponytail I know how annoying it is to have hair brushing on your face. Even though my hair is not voluminous I get pretty irritated by the piecey strands bugging my forehead. This is why i can't do bangs because I'll end up clipping them up most of the time. If you have the same problem, try this cute hairstyle by AlleySinai. She braids the front and bring it back into a half ponytail. You can also pull it back into a ponytail if you want to keep the hair off your shoulder. Short Hair: Fringe Braid Ponytail Same concept with the braidout ponytail except you're only braiding one part of the bang. Then tie the rest of the hair back in a ponytail. This one doesn't have to be perfect There you have it.