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Looking for a fast, cheap and natural way to keep your teeth healthy and pearly white? I got you covered. I compiled two natural methods you can try at home with to keep. All the ingredients can be found right in your kitchen (specifically your fridge)!

1. Strawberries, Apples and Grapes

Eating strawberries, a green apple, or grapes after each meal helps keep your smile sparkly. Why? These fruits contain malic acid that act as an astringent, buffing away surface discoloration. You can even create a DIY toothpaste by mixing crushed strawberries in a bowl with a dash of baking powder and then rubbing the mix over your teeth.

2. Lemons

You already know how amazing lemons are, but did you know they can also remove stains on teeth? This multitasking fruit contains acetic acid, which acts as a bleaching agent against coffee, wine, and other darkening substances. Just swish one tablespoon of lemon juice and use it as a mouthwash. Or, mix the juice with a bit of salt or sugar and brush the scrub onto your teeth.
Note: Due to the acidity it is recommended not to leave the solution on for more than 3 minutes.
@galinda I've tried it, just beware, the taste is nasty lol
Now I know why my mouth always feels a little cleaner when I'm done eating an apple.
@flymetothemoon I honestly noticed the difference in my teeth after drinking lemon water every morning. You can feel the acid on your teeth if you dont rinse!
I've heard about strawberries but not the other fruits, I really want to try the strawberry toothpaste haha
I'm glad you added in the note about the lemons ;) The acidity could actually strip your teeth of important layers!