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Brocolli and corn soup. Mmmmmm 5 pieces of brocolli. 2 big carrots. 1/2 can of corns. 2 cup of milk. Just a little spinach. 2 teaspoon of chicken powder. Boil the brocolli and carrots.... When its ready and soft put everything in the blender.... When its ready put in a casserole and boild.... Enjoy it.
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Do we put this in a blender? I'm not sure if I understand the "put in a casserole and boild" step :/
I love broccoli soups! Thanks for sharing!
I think I can cook this healthy food. It`s really easy
Wow, so easy to make! @flymetothemoon I think it would make the most sense to move it from the blender into a saucepan and then heat the soup to a boil.