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Get this: ten sheriffs from three different states sued Colorado Thursday because of their 2012 marijuana legalization vote. The are from Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, and they say that the order violates federal control of a substance and thus shouldn't be permitted.
Sheriffs from other states are arresting people who leave Colorado with weed bought legally there because it violates federal laws and seeing problems because of it. Sheriffs in Colorado claim that more than half of Colorado's recreational pot sales last year were sold to out-of-state visitors, according to data from Colorado's marijuana regulators. Additionally, the sheriffs that are from Colorado in this case feel they are violating federal law by not arresting people who have weed.
I really don't get this one: who is coordinating this? Who thinks this is a good strategy?Why not just legalize, too, and they can make as much tax revenue as Colorado? Seems like a better strategy to me.
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@drwhat You'll probably get a laugh out of this one.
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What IS the rule on federal vs state law on narcotics? Has it been decided?
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Without this rotating door Sheriff's, Prosecutors, and jails cannot justify their budgets and man power. Layoffs are looming and budgets are being slashed.
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@DonJackson so many part of our judicial system have become: a rotating door looking for profit. How we can change that, I do not know.
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