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I've already mentioned time and time again just how messed up I think the judicial system in the US is. Seriously. Not only are prisons out of line, but cases are "closed" with the innocent ending up behind bars in too many cases to count.
Since the first person was exonerated for a crime they didn't commit in 1989, more than 300 people have been exonerated. If you add up the years served unnecessarily, that reaches over 5,000 years. And that is disgusting.
Think about it: these people didn't do anything wrong. But they had to spend their life behind bars for no reason, and there is nothing that can be done to get those years back. They lost them. That's it.
Take this story for example: A man named Kirk L. Odom was convicted at 18, just after becoming a father, for raping and robbing a woman in her apartment. He served over 20 years. He was raped in jail, and contracted HIV. He also was completely innocent. Now that he is out of jail (he has been for over 10 years now, and has gotten married in that time), he has been working on a case against DC. He will be awarded $9.2 million for his stolen time.
But does $9.2 million make up for what he went through? I don't think so.
Pictured above: Keith Richardson; a man who was convicted of a mob murder he didn't commit.
Devastating. If I respond further I'm just going to get more worked up. :(
You are on to something @drwhat but you're onto something that nobody wants to talk about! Nobody likes to think that criminals who are "scum" in their eyes could be being treated poorly because "they deserve it." How can we change this?
I'm torn between not wanting to know how many prisoners are wrongly imprisoned, and going out and breaking them out myeslf....this is so, so depressing.
Whats the process for exoneration, anyways? Do they basically have to appeal or do they need to have someone working to find new evidence to then process an appeal, etc? I feel like going into the system isn't that complicated, but getting out is.