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One thing that has always really impressed me in both costuming and cosplay are those cosplayers that use prosthetics to create part of their look. FX painting is not easy to do in a way that looks believable, nor is it easy to keep in one place (and nobody likes a cosplay unnecessarily covered in me). So adding prosthetics to that is just a whole different difficult game!!
Thiis video shows one body painters first journey into using paints alongside prosthetics to create "otherworldly" creatures. And I am impressed!
While these aren't perfect and I think some of them look a bit too funky, it shows that with practice, anyone can figure this out!! Maybe I'll give some basic prosthetic pieces a go sometime soon.
Spooky, yes. Really cool, also yes. Time to learn how to use these!!! Anyone have any tips on where to start?
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Clearly You need a lot of skill in painting to be able to make these work XD
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I actually thought the body painting stood out so much more than the prosthetics and props in all of these~
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