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I like to do things that are easy - and that doesn't make me lazy! Making it easier for yourself to do things that are typically hard is setting yourself up for success, not coping out!
Here are five simple steps to take to make sure that you'll have a healthy week:
1. Plan Your Week
Set your menu, your workouts, your cheat treats, and most of all, when you're going to wake up. With all of that written down, you can then plan the other things in life, like healthy movie nights with friends or when you need to hit the grocery store again.
2. Lists, Lists, Lists
After you've made your weekly menu, make your shopping list. Buy your produce in small amounts or else the food will spoil. Avoid buying any unhealthy snacks. Your cheat days should take place outside of the house: go out for frozen yogurt! Grab a hot chocolate at your local cafe!
3. Peel and Chop
Take an hour to peel, chop and organize your produce for the week. Pick one day of the week to be your food prep day. Sunday is a popular choice, but if that's your crazy day then pick a time that works for YOU. I know it can seem like a big task, but it's worth the effort. Once you get into the routine, this step really will feel like less of a chore and more of a gift to yourself as the week unfolds. Make it fun; try to employ the entire family and make a date of it.
4. Pre-Cook
Take the time to precook your proteins for the week, then store in the refrigerator or freezer. Grill, broil or bake your protein, slice it up, then store in the correct portion amount for easy access.
5. Cook Once, Eat Twice
Go big or go home, baby. Make double, triple or even quadruple portions of your dishes for easy leftovers and freezer storage. No one ever said that every dinner for seven days has to be different. I like repeats! If you find one meal that really works for you and keeps you satiated, happy and really looking forwarding to sitting down at the table again, allow yourself to enjoy it!
Keeping the crap out of the house is a big one too. I can't have any temptation in my house haha
Making your guests take home left overs from a potluck or family meal is great too, Get those huge portions of left overs out of your house!
Buying little things to help you store your snacks is great too. I have tons of different sized ziplock bags and tupperwares that come with special snap-on ice packs to keep your food cold.
I have a book in my kitchen that helps me pick a healthier replacement for my baking recipes and that has saved me so much time and a lot of calories!
@galinda any kind of meal prep is good meal prep! Even if its only breakfast!
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